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Our Philosophy



Our philosophy is to provide quality care and education for children at our centre.



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Smart kids educare ERO report 2017





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Welcome To Smart Kids Educare

We take pride in saying that ours is a multicultural centre having children of mixed cultures which help them to understand, value and respect each other.

We have efficient staff who nurture and care for children; and are enthusiastic in delivering quality programmes. We take every care in making sure that each child’s wellbeing is nurtured, and they are kept safe and secured within a hygienic and safe environment.

Learning alongside children of different ages, abilities and cultures help children of our centre grow as confident individuals.


Our Centre Is A Mixed Aged Centre That Provides Quality Learning And Care For All Age Groups From 0-5 Years


Infants are known as Tui. They have a primary caregiver who takes care of their daily routines. Parents have the opportunity to discuss about their child with the caregiver as they arrive at the centre.


Toddlers are known as ‘Kea’. They are very energetic, curious and inquisitive. They try to experiment new things by trying various strategies.


Pre-schoolers are known as ‘kiwi’. Plenty of opportunities are provided for them to have sustained conversations where they are allowed to ask questions.

Parent evening 2018

Our presentation gives a glimpse of the various learning programmes which all our children are engaged in, through which they achieve their potentials.


A child’s greatest achievements are possible in play, achievements that tomorrow will become her basic level of real action.

Lev Vygostsky

What our children experience in a day !

Children develop increasing control over their bodies including development of locomotor skills, non-locomotor skill, manipulative skill, and increasing agility, coordination, and balance

Te whariki

Education Review Office – Early Childhood Education Report 2017


please feel free to read or download our recent review report from Education Review Office

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All children accomplish milestones in their own way, in their own time

Magda Gerber

What ERO say about Smart Kids Educare !


In 2017, Smart Kids Educare have received excellent ERO report where we are ‘Well placed’ in promoting positive learning outcomes for children:

“The manager and teachers are knowledgeable about parents’ aspirations for children and value their contributions. They have established very good partnerships with parents that are focused on children’s learning. Teachers provide very good support for children when they transition into the centre and when they move on to school”.

“The owner/manager leads with great enthusiasm and is involved in the daily operations and strategic direction of the centre”.