Children had a wonderful time at Ambury farm with their friends. They were happy looking at different animals at the farm including cows, chicken, pig, rooster, rabbits and horses.

After a good walk in the farm, Children enjoyed their lunch along with their friends, teachers and parents. Later, they played in the farm ground till the bus arrived to bring us back to the centre.

One of the best part of the trip was the bus journey. While returning back to the centre, children had lots of fun, singing songs like ‘Old Mac Donald’, ‘Wheels on the bus’, ABCD and Mary had a little lamb. They looked at the building and the vehicles on the road and waved at them.

Overall the kids were extremely happy with the day and could not wait to have another trip to the farm. Trips like these are important for kids not only for the educational purpose but also for them to get habituated to adventures with fellow peers and teachers.