Comfort for your kids

Smart Kids Educare has the best warm under 2 room where the environment is calm yet challenging where children under the age of 2 can explore, relax, play, be active and learn. Play equipment such as slides and family area help the child explore and engage in various...

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The Teddy Bear Picnic

On Tuesday 18th July 2017 a warm teddy bear picnic was held at Smart Kids Educare. Children brought in their cute furry toys and enjoyed a fun day full of excitement and events at the centre. The kids enjoyed decorating their own cupcakes with their favourite colour...

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Our centre is growing

Smart Kids Educare is one of the best mixed aged centres in Balmoral We provide high-quality learning and care for all age groups from 0-5 years old. As educators, we believe that childhood is the most important stage in a persons life. At Smart Kids Educare all...

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