Princes and Princesses Stay in Castles 🧚‍♀️ ♕ 

Children got the idea of making a castle while they were watching Peppa Pig. They told the teachers they wanted to build a cardboard castle just like the one Peppa has. To encourage the children’s new interests, teachers collected lots of cardboard boxes while the children shared their bright ideas about how they wanted the castle to be. Children helped with painting the castle in all the pretty colours they liked. The girls wanted to paint the tower of the castle light blue so that it looks like Elsa’s ice castle. After the castle was built and the paint was dried, children decorated it with beautiful stickers brought from their homes. Time to Play!

Children went into the castle through the door and hid in the big tower. Through the windows, they peeked outside and screamed “Hi” to their friends and teachers.