After Lockdown, children have started showing great interest in doing exercise. Sometimes, in their role play, children talked a lot about doing workouts with their parents. To extend this interest, we have begun a learning programme for children to explore different types of physical fitness activities.

Yoga is one of children’s most favourite types of exercise in the centre.

Children did yoga twice a week before Lockdown and now they’ve become so keen that we started doing it every day.  In order to make it easy for children to learn the poses, we printed out pictures of yoga poses and stuck them on a white board during yoga time. While doing yoga, 4-year-old children took turns to be the teacher, who took the responsibility of showing and teaching their peers how to do each pose.

Apart from normal yoga, children also did Cosmic Kids Yoga such as Frozen Yoga and Moana Yoga. This was done by following the instructions in the video on the iPad. While doing all the poses, they could listen to the great adventure of Moana or stories of Elsa & Anna, using their imagination to connect each pose to the related scene. Children were excited to challenge different poses and see how far they could go. Even teachers enjoy doing it along with them, having great fun together.

From this learning programme, children have gained more confidence of doing physical fitness exercises and become skilled at balancing, controlling and coordinating movements of their body parts. What is more, children have become better at concentrating on the task which they work on with full attention nowadays.