Nutrition Plan

Centre Statement

At Smart Kids Educare children’s Well-being is very important and overall development is very important. To ensure this, we take every step in providing best possible nutrition environment for the children in our centre. We also make sure that children are encouraged with healthy eating habits which are important for their physical, social and emotional well- being.

Our Aim

  • To ensure that children are having a healthy and balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables and whole grains.
  • To ensure that children are limited to sugar based foods like cakes and sweets.


  • During every morning and afternoon snack time, children are provided with variety of fruits.
  • Vegetables are provided during lunch every day that varies in textures and colours.
  • Children are given toast every day during morning snack time.
  • We provide dairy products in the form of milk/cheese/yogurt (once a day)
  • Chicken/ lamb /fish/eggs are provided 3 times a week.
  • High fat meals like sausages, nuggets are rarely served at the centre.
  • We daily provide snack or do baking that is low in fat, sugar and salt for afternoon.
  • No juices are allowed in the centre, except fresh juice made by children during baking/extension time
  • No sugar beverages are served.
  • On Fridays we encourage children of 4-5 year old to only provide healthy food in their lunch boxes. NO junk food or lollies or any sugary products.
  • Children bring their drink bottles and they are encouraged to drink lots of water after every meal. It is refilled every time with fresh water for the children to access any time of the day.

Weekly Menu

Our 4 week rotational menu are carefully planned & designed to provide a wide variety of food that are different in taste, colour and size. They are provided with meat 2 times a week and every day vegetables are cooked along with them.  All food served to the children are culturally diverse and appropriate fruits change according to the seasons. Our weekly menu may be altered or changed according to the children’s interests.  

The menu has been designed to cater for all children and their dietary needs with vegetarian meals prepared separately. Children with allergies or food preferences are given alternative meals, but similar to meals offered to others.

Teacher’s responsibilities

  • Staff role model healthy eating habits and talk about nutritious foods during various occasions.
  • Staff do not restrict any children from food as a punishment for their deeds.