Our aim is to provide quality care and education for children at our centre.

We ensure that children are kept safe from harm, and we promote well-being through consistent, warm relationships which connect the various aspects of the world.

We believe that children learn through play, and these experiences enhance a child’s sense of self-worth, identity, confidence and enjoyment.

We believe that each child is special and we aim to encourage them to develop at their own pace, by being creative and expressive through different forms of art.

We believe that all children should be treated equally irrespective of gender, ability, age, ethnicity or background. We respect the diverse cultures from which our children, teachers and whānau come, by celebrating their special festivals. Through this, we aim to help children gain a positive awareness of their own and other cultures.

As educators we believe in building opportunities for social interactions with adults and other children and respect the aspirations of the children’s family and community. We work in partnership with parents and children in order to build a community of learners.

We acknowledge our bi-cultural heritage and honour the principles Te Tiriti O Waitangi. We work in partnership with children and whānau to ensure that there are equitable opportunities for participation.

We believe that a smooth transition to school is crucial for children. Through our Transition to school programme, we help children to make sense of what is happening and supporting them through changes. We provide enriching activities and experiences that allow them to develop important skills by the time they start school.