Preschoolers take initiative in conversations through which they develop communication skills. They have the ability to understand others and where they also develop interest in various representations like words and numbers. The centre supports the pre-schoolers in the following ways.

  • They are provided with extension programs (transition to school) which help them to develop confidence in different areas such as literacy and numeracy.
  • We work together, teachers, parents and whanau to support children’s learning to make it a smooth transition to school.
  • Children are provided with IPads/laptops where they can learn to research information they are not aware of. This also helps them to investigate, enquire and develop their reasoning skills. They are introduced to foster numeracy, literacy and scientific knowledge for the children.
  • Children also have opportunities to watch documentaries and programs that are linked to their current interests on TV.
  • Our children love food. What better way to encourage healthy eating habits by creating yummy baked goods with the children. We like to bake new foods and explore new tastes. Using all their senses allows the children to learn more about their environment. Relationships grow as they cook and share with others.