Children from all age groups of our centre have always been very interested in paintings. In order to extend this interest, teachers and children all conducted a new activity of making normal artwork into beautiful puffy paintings by placing them inside the microwave.

First of all, children sat together and watched a video of a simple & fast way to create DIY microwavable art. After watching the video with lots of enthusiasm,  children counted the number of ingredients needed and the process it takes to create this “magic”. Later they grabbed coloured paper, food colouring, flour, salt and measuring spoons/cups that are required to do their painting. Children along with the teachers measured flour and salt and added food colouring to the mixture in order to make a nice paint.

Next, they drew pictures of either a butterfly, flower, rainbow, heart or even a circle (for the little ones in our centre) and used the paint they made to colour it inside. After they had finished their lovely painting, they handed it over to the teacher to place inside the microwave. Children showed great curiosity and excitement to see how their painting would turn out once it came out of the microwave. After the teacher took their painting out, they were so happy to see their painting puffed into a larger size and how it looked quite different from their original normal boring painting.

Through this activity children have developed creative skills, hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills. They have also learnt to explore, experiment with different colours and also understand colour recognition.