Yoga is very beneficial for young children. It promotes physical strength, balance and coordination, focus and concentration and self-esteem and confidence. At Smart Kids Educare, yoga sessions are conducted twice a week by our teacher who practises yoga regularly and has an experience in the field.

Parents Voice:
“Yoga is such a positive thing to have at the centre. We are enjoying seeing yoga disciplined at the yoga poses, and trying her best moves. She is even teaching us some yoga moves at home”- Bex (Tallulah’s mum)

“Charlies likes to show me yoga poses at home sometimes and in turn teaching Adelaide who likes to do whatever her big sister is doing!” – Marlena (Charlotte & Adelaide’s mum)


At Smart Kids Educare children go to various trips like parks, farms which help the children understand the outer world and where they learn a lot out of these experiences. They also develop social skills as they stay together in groups and engage in conversations.

Transition to School Programme:

We run a transition to school programme for pre-schoolers (4-5 years old) to support the children in smooth transitioning to primary. Childrenengage in activities that are related to science, cooking, art and technology based on their interests and abilities. Children also engage in numerous activities, drawing, writing, board games, dominoes and circle games. The aim is to support children develop skills such as listening, concentration, sharing ideas, critical thinking, problem solving and for them to be able to sit for a short period of time and complete a task. Children are encouraged to develop their self-care, self-help and independence skills. We liasewith our neighbouring schools like Balmoral primary and Balmoral Seventh-day Adventist school to discuss about schools expectations for new entrants.

Cultural events:

Our centre is a multi-cultural centre where we have children and teachers from various cultural backgrounds. We acknowledge this by celebrating various cultural festivals like Chinese New year, Matariki, Diwali and Christmas. Parents and Whanau are usually invitedon these special occasions. We all enjoy the cultural programmes and different food from various cultures.

Community Services:


 Life Education

(Learning with Harold):

Interactive lessons for 3-5year olds

Bringing Harold and meeting with children and discussing about key parts of our body (brain, lungs and stomach) things that need to keep our bodies healthy and happy.


Water Safety:

Swimming instructor visits the centre to show and discuss with children how to keep


We are supporters of:


Jump Rope for Heart:

Smart Kids Educare supports, “The Heart Foundation” is New Zealand’s heart health charity leading the fight against heart disease. As part of it, we have jump rope for heart programme where children involve in various activities.


Heart Kids:

Supporting “Heart Kids” by organising ‘Little Heart Day’ to support children who have congenital heart defect.


Special Kids Christmas Party:

Supporting children with disabilities to have a fun filled day.