Our centre is engaged in the journey towards sustainability, teaching children and their whanau to treasure our environment. We are promoting awareness of the environment through greenhouse keeping practises such as healthy eating, gardening, minimising waste and reducing water. Through this our children understand to respect the environment and also helps in their critical thinking.

As part of treasuring the environment, we encourage our children in gardening.   At our centre we have variety of flowers like polyanthus and Mary Gold flowers. We have a big Feijoa tree, which children love to get feijoas every morning for our morning tea. We also have vegetable garden with beet root, carrot and pumpkin. Every morning and evening with the help of our teachers, children water the plants that the children helped in planting them.

Teachers read books to the children about how the plants grow, and how they need to be taken care of. They also learn about how to touch and take care of them. Teachers also talk to them about the valuable life skills that children learn from gardening like responsibility, nutrition, health and fitness.