Tonga Language Week 2019  ? ? ?

1/09– 7/09, 2019 is Tonga Language Week. During this week, children had lots of activities which helped them get familiar with the language and culture of Tonga. At mat time and story time, children learned some simple greetings in Tongan by watching videos. They repeated Malo e lelei (hello), Fefe hake (how are you) and Sai pe malo (fine, thank you) while watching the video and tried to use them in daily greeting. Additionally, children made many Tongan national flowers, heilala with red paper and yellow paint with the help of their teachers. Children also learned about the Tongan flag and did some love-heart-shaped badges with the Tongan flag pattern on top.

On Wednesday, children were dressed up in Tongan traditional skirts and beautiful flower necklaces which were kindly provided by the family of Sanfrancis (Cizi). They also learned some Tongan dance from Cizi and had great fun.

Through these activities, children have gained more knowledge and a better understanding of the Tonga language and culture. Moreover, they have learned to respect and appreciate the beauty of different cultures.