Icy Nights ❄️ ☃️

As the weather is really hot these days, children keep talking about ice-cream in the centre. So we started a learning programme for children to explore ice.

First of all, we started an activity of making ice-cream. Children watched a video of a simple & fast way to DIY ice-cream at home. After watching with full attention, children counted the number of ingredients we needed before we began.

“I can see milk,” said Adelaide.

“I see sugar,” said Seneti.

“And cream,” added Anna.

“Ah ice,” said Vivienne, a one-year-old girl, pointing at the ice cubes taken from the freezer.

Now it was time to mix everything together. Every child had a turn to add one ingredient into the big bowl and stir it for a while. After sugar, milk and cream was mixed properly, teachers poured the mixture into a zipper bag and put it into a bigger zipper bag with lots of ice cubes. Then, children spent one minute each shaking this zipper bag wrapped in a thick towel. They had great fun doing this. Every five minutes, they opened the towel to see how the mixture changed.

“It becomes icy and cold,” announced Veda, excitedly.

In order to make the mixture more like ice-cream, teachers left it in the freezer. Finally, the next day, after lunch, children had ice-cream for dessert.

“Emmmmm, yummy!” Look at the satisfaction on their face.

From this learning programme, children have gained knowledge about how to make ice-cream by themselves and what ingredients to use. Also, through doing this activity, children have developed their observation skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and critical thinking skills. More importantly, they have got lots of joy from this learning experience.