Children hear the sound of fire truck wee woo, wee woo, they call out ‘we hear a fire truck’.

Children shout “fire, fire “and run around outside. They pretend to hold water hose in their hands and put the fire off. They enjoy playing it as a game. (House burning, putting fire off, rescuing from fire). They also like to do the big fire truck floor puzzle and also talk about the different parts of fire truck. So we read the fire truck book to the children, looked at the pictures and also talked about what we have to do when there is fire. Children along with teachers decided to do a big fire truck. So they got a big cardboard box and cut it into the shape of a fire truck. Painted it completely red, cut windows and doors, also made a ladder, hose and a steering wheel. After it is been done, children sat on it and pretended to drive the fire truck. Children had lots of fun while making the fire truck. After the fire truck is made, we also had emergency drill and talked about what we need to do if we hear fire alarm ringing to keep ourselves safe.